Creative Consultant / Art Director / Designer

These are odds and ends, various creative projects that I’ve had a had in developing whether from a creative direction, concepting, design, or UX position. Some saw th elight of day, some didn’t, but the ideas are there…

TurfGrass Paid Landers - role: Creative Direction, UX

TurfGrass Georgia develops some of the most advanced grass seed in the country. But they’re almost completely unknown to consumers. In an effort to raise seed awareness and dominate organic search they asked for paid landers that worked well for SEO, explained their products, and lead consumers to their corporate page.


The Juice Bar, Dallas - role: design

The Juice Bar Dallas was looking for a corporate identity to kick off their stores in Texas. Working with a Creative Director I helped develop a brand look that combined the organic quality of the product with the clients desire for a logo inspired by baseball.


Delta TechOps Mobile Lander - role: ux

I worked closely with Delta TechOps on creating a Mobile Lander, auditing their Desktop site and creating a Mobile friendly UX and Nav structure.

Atlanta United Inaugural Season - role: design

When Atlanta United FC needed an agency to push their brand through traditional and guerilla marketing for the inaugural season. I helped design and implement outdoor and overhead media throughout Atlanta.


Shane’s Rib Shack - role: ux, design

Shane’s Rib Shack needed a mobile first site to meet the needs of their users, which were overwhelmingly (65%) mobile, as well as to capture organic search for travelers looking for a fast casual dining option. Knowing users wanted to quickly access menu and know what nearby, I helped design an intuative site that is fully responsive and uses location based IP information to automatically serve the closest “shack” information and a dynamic menu that changes per location.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Strong4Life Video - role: concepting

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta needed a way to push their Strong4Life brand of health conscious info to Millennial mother's of young children. I helped concept executions that pushed health choices in unexpected ways, from referencing "Just Say No" to the cult classic "They Live".


Crothall Healthcare - role: Art direction

Crothall Healthcare was looking for a new corporate identity for their hospital laundry service division. I helped oversee the creation of various brand identity kits to soften their image and showcase the human impact of hospital laundry service.