Creative Consultant / Art Director / Designer

Role:  creative Direction, art direction, Design, Strategy

Working on social for the most well known own firearm company in the world presents an interesting problem, how to you grow an account within a niche market for a client who’s brand recognition has already permeated all of pop culture?

Working closely with the client and strategists we purposefully shifted their content away from content that only skewed toward enthusiasts and began positioning Glock as a lifestyle brand, targeting smaller segments of the potential audience (women, casual shooters) through strategic messaging and high end lifestyle photo shoots.


Follow the Four Gun Safety Social Campaign

At the same time we worked hard at increasing brand sentiment and reach through the social campaign “Follow the Four” which positioned the brand as leaders in the advocacy for responsible gun ownership and gave the brand a more human voice.


I AM GLock Hashtag Mural Activation & Shot SHow

And finally I worked with strategy and the client to connect and open up the conversation to fans across the globe at live events and product launches, and the “I Am Glock” fan outreach which encouraged brand advocacy and tied Glock closely to their biggest fans.



Changing the tone of the conversation, curating content, and finding unique but appropriate places to position the client as a leader in the social conversation helped keep an already established brand growing across all KPI’s.



follower growth
from 829k to 1.75 million


increase in engagements