Creative Consultant / Art Director / Designer

Role:  Art Direction, Design, UX/UI, Build, QA, Strategy

Over the course of 5 years I helped AT&T modernize and re-strategize their prospect email campaigns and paid landers into fully responsive, performance powerhouses, resulting in an increased conversion rate of over 750% YoY.

The client needed a more modern and inviting feel to their email campaigns, to engage prospects, help reinforce the brand, increase engagement and drive conversions. By leading a team of 5-8 designers, developers and copywriters, overseeing all design, UX, and creative strategy decisions, through messaging, strategy, UX/UI audits and testing we took campaigns of over 100 thousand recipients and consistently streamlined them exceeding quarterly benchmarks, raised response rates, improved list health and significantly increased ROI while developing a cleaner and more accessible visual language that resonated with target audiences.

I also worked closely with Developers on code enhancement, testing and QA of final HTML, as well as frequently presented creative innovations and ROI results to the client.

The process of redesigning and converting 100% of email sends for all campaigns to responsive HTML began in 1st Quarter 2012, ending in 2nd Quarter 2014. The new designs and strategy helped to increase inbox deliverability, response rate and total conversions by over 700% (Q1 2013 vs Q1 2014) (all other metrics increased by triple or double digits).

Emails were built fully responsive to work seamlessly across multiple devices, operating systems, and applications. (The new email design template was also adopted by AT&T Corporate as their official email template and the conversion of 100% of email sends to responsive HTML placed our team in the top 10% of email marketers in the country in 2014. )


Micro-sites were designed as location based landers served to prospects searching for tv and high-speed internet related keywords. They were highly dynamic and constantly changing based on price, availability and location.

As Creative Director I worked closely with a designer/front-end developer, account service and client, overseeing all design, UX, and creative strategy decisions.

These landing pages were build for best possible response through constant messaging and UX/UI testing, and to be fully responsive across multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems. (Although originally hosted on their own URLs, the microsites performance was impressive enough that AT&T adopted their design and functionality for their corporate site in 2014.)



By applying modern UX principles, analyzing structured testing data, writing solid, responsive front end development, and relying on art direction to create consistency across channels we were able to exceed client expectation and revamp struggling prospect campaign into a flagship program.



lift in total conversions


net new addresses

Top 10%

of email marketers in the country