AT&T Acquisition Email Campaigns

Client: AT&T  /  Role:  Art Direction, UX/UI, Design, QA, Strategy)

The client wanted a more modern and inviting feel to their email campaigns, to engage prospects and help reinforce their brand messaging, increase engagement and increase conversions.

I began working on this project in 2009,  leading a team of 5 designers/developers, overseeing all design, UX, and creative strategy decisions. I also worked closely with Account Service on marketing strategy, with Developers on code enhancement, testing and QA of final HTML, as well as frequently presentated creative innovations and ROI results to the client.

The process of redesigning and converting 100% of email sends for all camapgns to responsive HTML began in 1st Quarter 2012, ending in 2nd Quarter 2014. The new designs and strategy helped to increase inbox deliverability, response rate and total conversions by over 700% (Q1 2013 vs Q1 2014) (all other metrics increased by triple or double digits).

The new design template was also adopted by AT&T Corporate as their official email template and the conversion of 100% of email sends to responsive HTML placed our team in the top 10% of email marketers in the country.

Responsive Views

Q1 2013 vs Q1 2014 Results

(After 100% transition to Responsive sends)